Obesity & Related Concerns

The latest science tells us that achieving a healthy weight is significantly more complicated than the simple  “Calories in, Calories out” story told in the media and most doctor’s offices. At Emerald City Wellness, we recognize Obesity as a complicated disease, not a character flaw.

As an Obesity Medicine specialist, Teresa studies the current scientific literature and applies it to her practice, helping people improve their health through weight loss. Treatment may include dietary changes, learning new ways to move your body more, medications to help improve craving control, and treating underlying medical conditions that may make weight loss difficult. Usually a combination of these are involved in each person’s individualized treatment plan.

Teresa’s office is a “shame-free zone” where we focus on successes on the journey to lifelong health.

At Emerald City Wellness, the goal of weight loss is to improve health and prevent the diseases associated with excess weight. We rarely focus on BMI and total weight. Instead, we look at health indicators such as monitoring lab values and body composition testing. We review relevant lab work every 3-6 months and perform monthly body composition tests to ensure that weight loss is healthy: losing fat while maintaining muscle. In addition to physical health, we consider mental health, coaching through dietary and lifestyle changes designed to last a lifetime.

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