When people are given a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, their medical provider usually says something like “let’s start with some weight loss and more exercise and recheck the numbers in a few months.”

The patient leaves the office with a new diagnosis and no real idea what to do next: “Lose weight and exercise more? What does that mean and how do I get started?” she might be thinking. “And what do those numbers he talked about actually mean?”

At Emerald City Wellness, we bridge the gap between the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and a treatment plan, starting with your first visit. We discuss the meaning of the lab results that led to your diagnosis and we explain the chemistry happening in your body that impairs your ability to process carbohydrates/sugar. We start working immediately to bring your Diabetes into remission through medication and realistic lifestyle changes. Many people see improvement in their blood sugar levels after just one appointment!

Theresa Owens Diabetes Treatment

Teresa has helped many people achieve blood sugar control, including people who have been able to stop taking insulin and other Diabetes medications. The disease of Type 2 Diabetes is chronic but Teresa believes it is possible for most people to go into long (or even permanent) remission with reasonable lifestyle changes and appropriately prescribed medication.

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