School Year’s Resolutions

School Year’s Resolutions

In my line of work, people talk to me a lot about New Year’s Resolutions. January is a time when people return to the gym and vow that this is the year they’re finally going to get healthy. Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions in January, I’m making some “School Year’s Resolutions.” I’m setting some goals—in writing—that I want to work toward over the course of the upcoming academic year.

For many people, September is when the year starts. January might be when the rest of the world makes resolutions and starts fresh, but September—when the air gets crisp, the leaves turn, and the kids head back to school—marks a new beginning for many of us.

I’m one of those people. There’s something about a clean academic calendar that starts in September that signals a fresh start for me, even more than flipping the calendar to January. As a kid, moving into the next grade was a bigger deal than moving into the next year, so why shouldn’t September continue to be more important than January?

Like any new beginning, many people look at the start of the school year as a time for reevaluation of habits and setting new goals. I usually set some informal goals for myself every fall. Usually things like getting more sleep and eating right through the upcoming winter.

This year, I’m making them more formal and putting them in writing. As I’m writing them down, I’m getting more specific. Y’all don’t need to know all the details, but I’ll let you in on a few of the general things I’d like to work toward over the coming school year:

  • As summer turns to fall and I return to the kitchen (I LOVE to cook and usually step away during the heat of the summer), I want to add at least one new low-carb entrée to my repertoire each month. As a stretch goal, 2–3 new entrées would be ideal, but I want to be realistic. A corollary to this is saving baking desserts/sweets to special occasions (which should be VERY rare).
  • Develop better sleep habits. I always stay up too late, and usually for dumb things, like a game on my iPad that I can’t put down. Then I complain when I’m tired the next day. I’ll be setting some specific goals around this.
  • Build self-care into my daily routine. I’m thinking of starting a morning discipline but am open to exploring other ways to set aside time for myself during the day. I’m fascinated by The Miracle Morning idea, but am intimidated because I’ve never been a “morning person” and am afraid of failing. Both Cathyrn Lavery of The Huffington Post and Kara Benz of Boho Berry are inspirations for me for finding a morning routine. Do you have any additional suggestions I might find helpful?
  • Try something new. I’ve been thinking about kayaking. Maybe something else. We’ll see.
  • Do something hard. I never properly learned to swim. I think it’s time. I’m terrified. I’m toying around with stopping there or adding a few more. Is five the right number, or should I add another goal or two or five? I have plenty more in mind. This is scary. I’ve never publicly shared my “resolutions” with the world before. I wonder what will happen?

Do you have any “School Year’s Resolutions” you’d like to make?