Bounty of the Season!

Bounty of the Season!

August is peak Farmer’s Market season, and you better believe that I’m celebrating!

On Sunday, I shopped at my local Farmer’s Market and came away with absolute treasures. In turn, I enjoyed the freshest, most wonderful dinner.

I started with Heirloom tomatoes, which are always funny looking but oh, so divine!

Then, I paired fresh pesto—made from a Basil harvest at the market—atop a parmesan crisp, topping it all off with bacon.

I finished it all off with salad, complete with edible flowers and raspberries.

It was fresh, tasty, and beautiful!

You can do the same. Just look for a Farmer’s Market near you with one of the helpful tools available, including Local Harvest, Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, and Local Farm Markets.