What to Expect

at Emerald City Wellness
What to Expect

You will find that appointments at Emerald City Wellness are unlike typical medical appointments. The office doesn’t look very medical and most of what we’ll do won’t seem very clinical. Don’t let that fool you! Teresa is highly trained in the medical treatment of metabolic disease, but simply doesn’t think it has to feel clinical to be effective.

At Emerald City Wellness, the goal is to address underlying causes of the disease process when treating and preventing illness related to metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

You might be used to hearing “push away from the table and exercise more,” as a first line of defense against many medical conditions. You’ll never hear that here. What you WILL hear are common-sense suggestions to help you learn lifestyle changes to last a lifetime: suggestions for healthy foods that taste good and ways to incorporate activity into your life in an enjoyable manner.

In addition to lifestyle treatment, Teresa uses traditional medical treatment, including monitoring labs and prescribing appropriate medication to treat chronic illness including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid disorders, and more.

We’ll spend time undoing the “diet and exercise” mindset that we’ve all been taught and instead focus on living a full life to achieve optimal health.

Interested in getting away from the diet mindset and making lifelong changes for optimal health? Click or call today to schedule an appointment!